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China Life Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd. (CHINA LIFE P&C) would like to thank you for choosing our products and express our sincere greetings and wishes to you!

CHINA LIFE P&C will provide all-around considerate services such as risk management, underwriting, claim settlement, etc., provide you personalized insurance program and meet your all-round needs through the service network covering the whole country, the high-efficient claim surveying team, and the enthusiastic and considerate marketing elites with the service concept of "professional, quick, convenient, and considerate".

To ensure your rights, please read the following tips carefully after purchased the insurance:

Double exclusive service hotlines 95519 and 4008695519 are supporting in 365 days with 24-hour, our service will supply you with case reporting, consultation, inquiry, subscription, complaint and policy activation, and road-side service, etc.

Please read the policy and the insurance clauses thereof carefully, especially the insured liabilities, exemption from liabilities, obligations of the applicant and the insured, and settlement of claim, etc. and if you have any questions, please feel free to call our service hotlines.

Please request an invoice as a payment certificate from our operating staff after paying the premium.

Please attach the sign of compulsory insurance against traffic accidents on upper right of the front windshield of the vehicle for inspection by relevant authorities.

Please notify the Company in time to handle the approval and modification procedures if the risk of the insured vehicle increases due to modification, addition, change of purpose, etc. and if a new vehicle is registered, resold, transferred, or presented to others.

Please stop your vehicle at normal parking lot to prevent stealing. Please take the driving license, vehicle registration, and parking card with you after leaving the car.

Please do not drive through standing water on roads and do not start the vehicle in the water to prevent engine damage.

Please call our service hotline in case of any insurance accidents occuring and protect the accident scene and take reasonable rescue measure to reduce the losses.

You may inquire about the status of your policy and the claim settlement progress by visiting our website, calling our service hotline, or visiting our counter in person.

Please keep the policy in your vehicle for your convenience to contact us, and we will serve you with all sincerity.