Claim Guide

Claim Suggestions:

Please keep the policy in your vehicle and call 95519/4008695519 to report the accident immediately as it occurs;

Describe the process of accident clearly to the operator of 95519/4008695519 and leave your phone number and keep your phone available;

Please tell the exact location of the accident to the operator of 95519/4008695519 so that the operator may appoint claim clerk to contact you and drive to the accident scene in time, and in case of any casualties in the accident, please find out the related information as soon as possible;

Please fill your contact information accurately in the Claim Application, which will be helpful for the claim settlement.

To prevent further loss, please confirm the losses as soon as possible according to the Company's requirements;

If the insurance accident involves any third party, please contact our claim clerk for professional guidance prior to reaching any compensation agreement with the third party to prevent unnecessary losses.

If you choose "automatic transfer" as the means of payment of compensation, please fill the account information carefully in the Transfer Payment Authorization Form to ensure accurate remitting of the indemnity to your account;

If you receive your indemnity at the counter of the claim service center, ID card of the insured (if in the name of a company, provide authorization form with official seal of the company) and that of the agent are required.

Claim Notice

We remind you: if an accident occurs to your vehicle, please immediately report police, and promptly call the CHINA LIFE P&C 24-hour customer service phone number 95519 / 4008695519 to report the case. We will timely deploy survey personnel to assist you. If the vehicle can not travel, we will assist you to arrange the rescue vehicle. The insurance company will determine the damage of your vehicle before repairing it. During the treatment to the injured people, we will contact you to provide guidance of dealing with traffic accidents with injured and claims. We will prompt you to prepare the necessary claim materials, which you must timely submit to the insurance company after the accident is dealt with. We will review the claim materials you submit, and then carry out the payment according to the insurance contract. For safety reasons, we recommend that you receive large claim by means of transfer, receive your small claim by means of transfer or directly to our service counter.

For all cases, when claiming compensations, the following documents material must be provided:

Motor Vehicle Insurance Claim Form

The original motor vehicle insurance policy

The traffic accident responsibility determination paper, mediation paper, simple accident handling paper, and other accident certificates issued by the department dealing with the accident.

When an insured claims, he/she shall provide the following original documents for the insurance company to verify and keep a copy on file: the Vehicle Registration of the insured vehicle, the accident driver's Driving License.

When receiving compensation, they should provide the following materials and documents for the insurance company to verify and keep a copy for checking: If the insured is a natural person, he/she shall provide own ID card when receives compensation. If it is not the insured who receives the compensation, or the insured is not a natural person, the person receiving the compensation is required to provide the following documents: power of attorney to receive the compensation, identification of the insured, identification of the person receiving the compensation.

f the claim involves vehicle damage, the following documents need to be provided:

Auto Insurance Vehicle Damage Determination Paper and List of Parts Replacement Items and attached pages.

If the claim involves property losses, the following documents need to be provided:

The evidence of the equipment overall cost and loss extent, the project budget of the equipment restoration, the inventory of property loss, the relevant cost documents of purchasing and repairing the damaged property.

If the claim involves personal injury, disability and death, the following documents need to be provided:

The medical certificates, discharge notices, evidences of requiring nursing staff, medical expenses reimbursement certificates (accompanied by prescription and detailed documents of treatment, medication) issued by hospitals above the county level.

The certificates of loss of working time and proofs of income of the injured, disable, dead personnel (if the taxable income exceeds the amount of tax, the proof of tax payment shall be submitted).

The certificates of loss of working time and proofs of income of the nursing staff (if the taxable income exceeds the amount of tax, the proof of tax payment shall be submitted).

The disable is required to provide a Forensic disability certificate of authenticity, the dead is required to provide a death certificate.

The evidence for the dependents, evidence for the victim's family issued by the residence police station, registered residence identification, proof of losing labor ability.

Transportation reimbursement vouchers, lodging reimbursement vouchers.

The wage proof of personnel handling the accident (if the taxable income exceeds the amount of tax, the proof of tax payment shall be submitted).

If the claim involves vehicle robbery cases, the following documents need to be provided:

Motor vehicle license (original), filing proofs of robbery cases issued by local public security criminal investigation departments above the county level, the evidence of declaring on newspaper.

Vehicle purchase surcharge payment vouchers and receipts (original) or vehicle purchase tax clearance certificates and collected vehicle purchase tax receipts (original) or exemption certificate (original).

Motor vehicle registration certificate (original), vehicle suspended procedure proof, motor vehicle purchase documents, full set of car keys.

If the case involves vehicle fire (spontaneous combustion), the following documents need to be provided:

Fire identification report issued by fire departments.

If the case involves litigation and arbitration, the following documents need to be provided:

The ruling paper, award, mediation paper, written judgment, arbitral award issued by courts, arbitration bodies.

The compensation certificate of paying compensation to the third party (signed, sealed and confirmed by accident handling departments).