Company Profile

China Life Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd. is a national professional property insurance company agreed by the State Council, approved by China Insurance Regulatory Commission, established and co-sponsored by China Life Insurance (Group) Company and China Life Insurance Co., Ltd., with the registered capital of 8 billion yuan, its business includes property damage insurance, liability insurance, credit insurance, guarantee insurance, short-term health insurance and accident insurance, the reinsurance business of the above businesses, national laws, the insurance funds use business allowed by national laws and regulations, as well as other business approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission.

As a core member of China Life Insurance (Group) Company, CHINA LIFE P&C has always been taking the scientific development concept as guide, insisting on high starting point, high standard and high demand, fully relying on the advantages of China Life's overall resources, the company actively innovates the property insurance business model, builds an unique operating characteristics and a key competitiveness in an all-round way, constantly expand the development space and service field, strives to create a leading, world-class, and constantly developing property insurance company. In 2009, the company achieved operating profit, and broke the conventional mode of the industrial development; in 2010, the company's premium income exceeded 10 billion yuan, its market share ranked No. 6, and the underwriting profitability has been achieved; in 2011, its market share ranked No.5.

China Life Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd. wishes a win-win development with all sectors of the community and is building up a better future with you!

Company Documentary of the Year of 2012